Stryker SR-955Hpc “In Depth Video”

For those considering a purchase of a 955 Stryker then below is an excellent video from Daniel at Sky-Tronics. The radio currently isn’t really found in the EU since Avera & Radiozing don’t seem to have them. I’ve only owned the first version and these now are updated, many new tricks and new features and updates. Sit back and enjoy the video.


Myself I’ve noticed at least six things I can see improved. Both internally and external. A great video and indeed Daniel covers stuff people have asked me. Come in EU! Someone’s time to shine and re-stock the 955.

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One thought on “Stryker SR-955Hpc “In Depth Video”

  1. Great Video, Great Features, I hope this radio will soon available in Europe!
    How will be possible to recognize this version and not get older one?


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