CRT Millenium Part1 “Looking Inside” Updated 

CB Radio, different things to all people and that’s why with the part1 of the video we’ve concentrated under the hood to let you see where and what the expanded mode looks like. You see the FM Mod for those which “all radios are not set up for me at the factory” and show you where the other variables are located. Remember!! You open you loose all rights of a warranty.

My understanding is as follows that the radio can be used in multi EU form as it is delivered now and with the jumpers this can make HAM mode 28.0-29.7 and also rU or Open mode which will make 25.6-30.1

I’ve also information received that this radio has had improvements made with it so the modulation is better and other things changed. And compared to the Mini it’s looking really quite different.

Detachable Microphone! That’s the absolute kicker on this radio and now I’ll investigate if the mike adapters work for this radio. But don’t despair if you have a Midland M Mini I’ve made an adapter so you can run any 6 pin microphone on the radio. More of that too later…

Where to find it?

Markus from Neuner

Roy Nocando01 on Facebook (EBay Item: 132126207462) £58.49

Dougie from Knights

Maas-Elektronik Germany

First one found on eBay: 302251981894   €68.90

And many more usual and normal CRT stockists. I think with this one, improvements made, cost point, detachable microphone and maybe H mode then at €69.99 they’ve hit another home run.

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