CRT Millenium First Try *Export Modification Now In Modification Area*

I’ve been in the Czech Republic a few days on private and family matters and Saturday afternoon I had an hour to go sit “play radio” with the new small CRT Millenium and it’s really quite ok. I got cross channel noise on channel 33 EU from a loud station on channel 33 PL AM which in all essence is 5kc away. Set up the radio, set the squelch to 1 and see what was happening around the band.

One word? Quiet! Infact the Polish channels were busiest with 10 in use but in the Czech Republic channel 20 the Bee Gees “How deep is your love” was playing. There were two men discussing all from Politics, weather balloons to Nivea creams on channel 32 and that’s about it really. Tested it on the Stryker antenna and RX was quiet. The signal meter registered no noise but also seems not too move much with incoming signals. 50/60km away stations were S0 as an example. Closest Polish stations were S3/S5. But is this a real signal meter or a guide? This I’m not sure.

Key the mike on 4w power the signal meter lifts to S7

Key the mike on H power the signal meter lifts to +30

Sound is good, the speaker handles both low and high volume well and the fluidity of the control is good. Meaning you turn it up it goes up, down it goes down and is fluid. Not sit and at 1/2 suddenly become louder.

CRT always look for different things and to try a new supplier is indeed brave. Myself I find it strange that QX couldn’t add a mike connection to the Mini or Micro they make. But we know it’s all customer driven. Fact I thought by looking inside it, not so pretty but in use it’s working well. Receives sharp and clear, yes had cross channel but was 5kc away on AM and loud so sure linear was in use.

I think they’ve hit a home run with this. It’s working really quite well. Added few watts in EU helps and makes it interesting and this can be the start of a new future in these small radios. Only time will tell. Me I’m looking forward to another try as soon as possible and I’ll be back here with the details.

To Update: The radio needs EU Band as part of UK or makes it look out of date as has been legal AM/FM sometime now in the 26965-27405 part of the band. My idea, hit A/F and let radio cycle through UK, EU FM and EU AM. Then it’s a good idea! But I’m an old radio guy so have no say, it’s just my opinion that’s all.

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  1. Mounted mine in the car today. Because it is so slim, I wanted it between the roof en the sun visor of the van. But the lcd screen is not visisble when you’re looking up to it from underneath. Had to fix it under the dashboard or the lcd is not readable. Sounds good though, handy microphone and easy buttons to press and use. All that for only 65 euro… amazing !

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