Coming Soon “2016” Stryker SR-955HPc

A radio that’s been hard to find since Radiozing stopped bringing them in but it’s still out there being upgraded, invested in and recently I’ve had a look around one from the latest production units of the radio. The last one I tried was from the first series and came from Truckerswereld in the Netherlands.  But I can tell you now this radio is really quite a different beast. The process of taking a look has begun and back soon with more information.

For those who are interested in unboxing news:

Tighter Controls, Heavier / Better Painted case, Heavy Heatsink, No Dings or Scratches

Firmware Appears to be adjusted or new as radio behaves more refined and boy its strong…

Transmit Quality..

This radio is from the newest production from the radio. Labelled 16 so produced 2016 

More later..

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5 thoughts on “Coming Soon “2016” Stryker SR-955HPc

  1. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Dealers! Dealers! Dealers! Come on Simon ….. we got money to spend!


  2. Now this has woken me up somewhat Simon! Any pictures or further details or likely stockists? Adding UK40 would increase the appeal further!


    • UK40 not needed as sold as amateur radio 12/10m. Just turn the shift and dial in channels it’s dead simple. This new version is tip top class. My critique is it needs a better channel change as video shows it skips but it’s a beast on transmit audio….


  3. The Stryker is not a ‘bad’ radio, but it is any Anytone, the circuit is very similar to the CRE8900 etc, based around the original AT-5555 with some upgrades/tweaks. Sure, different PA’s to give it more output, but in a Maxlog ‘style’ case.

    But the price, like President, they think they can charge top whack Western production Western design (how President used to be) with Western quality, for Chinese produced units, that are sold under every badge under the sun at half the price.

    I am sure that is why Radiozing gave up, they had problems with it and didn’t sell many because of the price. When are these companies going to realise, that putting their own badge on the front of an Anytone does not enable you to charge double.

    It is cheaply made and it should be sold cheaply. For anyone that wants to see build quality, click on the picture twice (twice to get full magnification), scroll up to that bracket on the left. Notice how cheaply it has been machined and all the burrs on the underside. Then look at that machined screw hole. It is an abomination, if I had done that in my metalwork class at school 35 years ago, my teacher would have smacked me round the back of the head and told me to do it properly.


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