Something Special Coming…

News is leaking slowly that Stryker may have something special up the sleeve for the months ahead. I’m in no position to say what it is as I don’t know what it is other than an idea. But if your a member of the official Stryker Radio Club on Facebook then you’ll know people are getting more excited by the day. Watch this space. I’ll try and find more details for you either from Facebook or from the boss. Prospected purchasers are excited so it’s certainly something special coming.

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2 thoughts on “Something Special Coming…

  1. LOTS in the works at the Stryker camp and they will NOT sleep for next 5 years already planned out!!! Watch this company closely moving forward as we see in their NEW line-ups EVERY SINGLE model is now TOP OF THE CLASS and they are NOT stopping. MANY things in the works but much catch-up from storms and hurricane hurting U.S. facility for over a quarter of last summer/fall. Bit behind but MUCH to come!!! I am CERTAIN Simon will be the FIRST to know all out of Stryker and SRC as I will work closely to be sure Simon sees ALL. ALSO Mr. Simon, I DO HAVE CE CLEARANCE DOC FOR SR-955HPC as I asked yesterday over your blog and YES, boss man says CE, ROHS, and sent me over doc for YOU so when you get a chance, get with me over particulars and I can see if I have all docs you need to prove for UK and CE etc. Stryker is all about highest quality moving forward!!! Sincerely all, Daniel


    • Hi Daniel. Awesome news. I spoke to the boss midweek about EU and stuff. He’s really on the case that’s sure. Speak to you on other means and wishing you a superb superb weekend. Simon


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