RF Gain Or Just RF Pain (Part1)

Markus from NeunerFunk asked a few days ago about RF Gain not working on a couple of recently released radios. One of them was the Midland M Mini. What I mean is the RF Gain worked in AM mode but in FM the button just sat bored and it didn’t work. Below is a video of my radio with the RF Gain test.

Obviously first thoughts were mistake! So I thought I’d ask around and see what I could find out.

First I asked a dealer in Italy:  He told me in Italy we use AM. RF Gain isn’t needed in FM

Could Be!

So I contacted Midland Europe. I thank them for the detailed reply.

They will implement RF Gain in FM in newer production. It’s not a ISSUE but because we are sensible all Market and customer request.

So owners with them now what is the course of action? I’ve 3 of them, invested in Bluetooth Dongle and microphone too. And ultimately I’m a BETA tester of a Xinwei radio that I believe isn’t so ok made.

When I know more, guess it will be a V2 of the Mini I’ll try find the serial number range the new versions will start.

Albrecht we BETA tested the AE5890EU, we BETA tested the AE-2990AFS with its “jitter” and now sadly we BETA test the Midland Mini.

Radio is sold all across EU so you need RF Gain in both modes not just AM. If an Italy radio only for AM just keep it in Italy 

And I guess my last request is change the 10.695 inside. It’s ok, just not man enough for the job.

And tomorrow we’ve got a radio worse than the Emperor Kenji. A company so crazy they’ve not tested the stuff they sell and why us “The CB Guys” and not the sales people need a say in products. I’m famous for saying “Grant II original release pile them high, burn them” but Tuesday oh boy!! Actually the worst ever audio I’ve heard on a CB, worst instructions and a dealer that sells stuff but obviously never used it as false information he told the customer.

Tuesday: A legend of CB Radios gets called out to man up and sort the products out!!!

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