Midland Mini “Bluetooth” Junk!

Yesterday we showed how useless quality control was on the Midland Mini. Just having RF Gain in AM mode on a “multi-norm” radio. Meaning if you only sell it in a market where customers don’t care about quality then your good. But in 2017 a radio that’s obviously shouldn’t be sold when it’s actually not complete hits the market.


I bought 2 dongles and 2 microphones based on dealer email telling me that the microphone changed channels as had up/dwn. And just guess what? The microphone has volume, no channel change at all. Below part of the email about one Dongle.

We the customers need to rise up against stupid! Radio doesn’t do what it should do. Doesn’t work as expected. Dealers, I’ve asked 2 and both told me same story. But both manuals show it’s not a valid arguement.

 Let’s check the statistics for the cost of lies

€158.90 For two radios

€32 Shipping

€230 For two dongles and 2 microphones

€30 Shipping for the above

Total: €450.90 

For what?

The radios don’t work as designed due to pathetic lack of QC in sample

Bluetooth control where you still need look down at the mike to change channels?

And the audio is how to explain for all to understand

AM = Absolutely worst of any current multinorm

FM = Clear, but sounds with hint of reverb due to Bluetooth and time lag

Midland shows arrogance, lack of any real care, quality control. It’s like with the Midland XT they released that was beyond absolute useless on SSB. Now 2017 “The Junk Continues”

So now I’ll post all these comments to Midland Europe.

Question 1: What are you going to do about it?

Question 2: You’ve let your customers down (again) How you going to resolve all the issues?

Since the recording of the video I’ve made two over the air reports and was told on both occasions the FM is super clear, but sounds with reverb and on AM it was really not good and almost impossible to understand.

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3 thoughts on “Midland Mini “Bluetooth” Junk!

  1. In Russia, this brand has long been called – not Alan but aNal ))))
    Inadequate prices, low-quality and out-of-date goods, lack of good service!


  2. Wondering – because the keys on the microphone were advertised as volume control for the wireless microphone, never as “Up/Down”-Keys. The WA Mike could be used on BT PMR446 with or without dongles, too, and there would be no channel changing possible, too.

    So for this error you have to blame your dealer, which told you wrong things… 🙂

    And right, nothing cheap here, but this is always the trouble when talking about small amount of CB products. Bluetooth things for Smartphones are costing cents today.. but are produced in million pieces.. not hundreds as here for CB radio.


    • Hi Markus. I asked two ” Midland Dealers” in Italy and one of them email enclosed. So I telephoned another and he confirmed “Midland Bluetooth Mike has up and down channel”
      It’s poor to be told absolutely something wrong and when question them they say “not our mistake it’s Midland” who they represent of course by selling it… Like with 8001XT I think later edition was poor, this has good ideas but expensive, poor quality, no care, mistake radio that needed checks before sale and not excuses after the money has been spent in my opinion 😉 but I’m just a CB guy like all CB guys and my opinion is quite small and nothing….


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