President Barry FM / Andy AM/FM “Modification”

Many people have asked me since the recent price drop and so as you’ve been so pushy then I’ll add here what I’ve done to get mine working well. The information below is correct on my Barry / Andy but you’ll need try it. If you reproduce below then you’ll need to credit my work. It’s bad enough that it’s not featured nowhere at all! The modification is supplied as is. My advice is let a dealer do it and pay. It’s too easy to break something, and when it’s done it’s done, warranty is finished.

Unsolder the white wire and move jumper from 1/2 to 2/3 position

R210 Add a 820 Ohmn resistor to enable a better power mode: AM 8w FM 15w

Photo: (c)

Mine, took top and bottom covers off, unscrewed side screws and removed the front panel to make access to the resistor location easier.

Bands Are:

C: Low 26.515-26.955

A: CEPT / Mid 26.965-27.405

B: Hi Band 27.415-27.855

UK40: 27.60125-27.99125

And to enable t5 or t0 press EMG for 1 second to enable 0 ending. Display shows . On screen

That’s it!! Hope that it helps you..

My advice is truly get your dealer to do it, that’s the wisest choice of all.

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