Here Is The News

Never a week goes by without someone emailing me about new radios. What have I heard, what can I tell and what do I think etc? The reality is that it’s hard sometimes to say a lot. If I know something then many times it’s not possible to say anything due to timelines, delays and indeed in some cases never actually being sure of something till it drops onto the market. But this being said here is the news that I know as of today’s date.

CRT and Midland are both waiting new deliveries of the Midland Mini and the CRT Millennium this time both with RF Gain in AM and FM

K-PO They will have the K-PO 100 which looks along the same lines as the Midland Mini and the CRTMillennium. They will have an improved signal meter and RF Gain in both AM/FM 

President as usual lots of talk about them. We know the Andy USA will come in June-July as it’s been tipped before. Pricing is unknown at the moment but will be 4 pin as I understand so easy to swap microphones with your favourite Astatic, Turner or other. EU the price of the Andy has dropped, Jackson II is discontinued due to components so seems they are making way for new stuff. Also many of the antennas are being replaced with the UP base (Ultra Power) changes can be seen on dealer sites and on President home page.

Stryker has a new production of the SR-955 HPc underway in May so that will come to market in June or early July I guess after shipping. The SR-94 HPc has the CTCSS board available for fitting and the software is downloadable from the website. They are also looking for a partner in the EU to import the radios and antennas.

Qixiang Are busy with the new dual band radio that looks like the Apollo II. They are also busy building radios for many companies and also working on new stuff for the Anytone brand. I know some of it but now is not the time to say much as it can change across the timeline.

Cobra are looking into new radios at the moment too. The models are not known but it appears they are wanting new insides for some of the older models. But it appears they are not coming up with anything new in the SSB area at the moment.

Others Not much to report really. Stabo brings a new digital PMR radio in June which is priced to sell and will sell well I guess. CB wise I’ve heard nothing at all. I think they need a new SSB radio but also think it can’t happen. Ranger there is talk that the factory still has some issues and some radios still arriving with scratches. It’s also in the news they are thinking of another radio in the 12-10m market area with SSB on it. But this was a conversation based on news on a cigarette packet so can be as true as it is false.

Thanks to Steve for the Wanted Wizard Poster… 

Anything pops up in the news then we will feature it here as and when we know it.

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