President Andy USA First Sighting

Piet Evers is a busy guy being Mr Avera and he has been busier now after a trip to the DAS show in the USA and with Kip Sullivan they have launched the Cobra killing Andy USA with estimated arrival in next 30 days.

Photo (c) Avera / President USA

It should be four pin microphone but details are thin on the ground. It is in the process of FCC or soon will be! Wait and see more details later.

Before the moaning starts:

Not official photo. Photo is a snap shot of a video from the web

I don’t have any official photo

I’ve not seen the radio, I’ve no ideas currently of parameters

I’ve no official news on price, availability or anything else.

But things are not what they seem in the photo. The boxes are from the Andy’s other brother the Andy AM/FM hence the “All European Norm” boxes 

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