President Andy USA $99

Designed to kick Cobra in the ass comes the 4 pin (YES 4) Andy USA so President listened in the end so easy to connect your Workmen, Astatic, Turner microphones to it. Comes with weather channels and seven colour display. Available during the summer and this radio will turn some heads! Mr & Mrs President have more than arms up there sleeves it appears.

Talkback, ASC, 4 pin mike, 7 colour display, 12/24v, Noise Blanker! 

I’ll post any links to videos when the radio is released. Needs to go and see the FCC first for a license and then it’ll be in the dealers. For us oldies President is AM! Who needs FM it’s AM that’s the mode. Will a version come to EU? Probably not sadly…

Above old technology against new technology. Reports are Cobra will get an ass kicking…

I beg you please don’t write to me “this won’t sell in UK” It’s plainly obvious with the title USA you’ll not be lucky enough to see this radio.


Radio not available so dark…

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  1. Great looking little radio.

    It is sad that the USA doesn’t have the FM option like the rest of the world… But at least they finally got rid of the 155.3 mile limitation!



    • Nice to read you again hope your well.
      Needed to add due to every CB I add I get a ton of mails asking why UK40 channels isn’t on it.
      If was exclusive radio for North Korea I’d still get message why this radio have Korean channels and not English…


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