Luiton LT-425UV $89.99

Another radio that looks come from another radio or simply re-branded. This time we’ve a Luiton LT-425UV which is a quad band mobile amateur radio. It’s 25 watts and comes ready for 220Mhz, 2 metres, 70 cm and 1.25m band? As the brand Luiton is one from a trading house then I guess in original form this radio must be QYT but that’s a guess and nothing more at the moment.

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  1. Is it locked? It looks identical to my QYT KT-7900D. I have 2m/70cm plus 220MHz and 350MHz. Programming is easy, I did a bit of the feedback and tests on my radio for the CHIRP programmers as they didn’t have a radio to test. It was included with CHIRP about two months ago. For the money, it is a fine radio, especially since it can be bought for £72 delivered. You can if you want, monitor say, four frequencies on 2m, you don’t have to have it on different bands.


  2. 350 mhz ?? what amateur radio band is that ?? transmits from 136 to 174 mhz…. again what’s this ??
    …typical throwaway ch… stuff. What about spurious emissions ?? does it overheat ? and is it as difficult to propgram as other chinese made gear ? maybe yes ,maybe no ? but …usually you get what you pay for.


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