Radio China International On Midland Mini

Going back some time when the Midland Zero was released it was sure some had issues with receive etc. I know 4 people who returned them to dealers. So just the other day I was surprised to hear Radio China International on 27.425 AM. I’ve checked on a second radio and it received nothing but the Midland had it. Again seems I need pose a question again to Midland about this radio. I did check SWL sites and RadioChina were broadcasting in English but not anywhere near where I was sat.

So the equipment used was the Midland M Mini, 15m coax with a RF Limited Filter and the antenna was a President WB Himalaya on a scaffold pole against the fence.

Must be cross band issues or the radio has more issues than expected as now it has happened really more than 1 time with the same set up. Tested with CRT Millenium and President Andy and nothing heard at all.

Video has the words “Here in Beijing” so that’s that..

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2 thoughts on “Radio China International On Midland Mini

  1. Exactly what I was thinking Mike. My first thought was First Harmonic from around 13.7125, but then a little research showed the closest RCI freq was 13.645…


  2. 27.425mhz -21.4mhz (10.7mhz x 2 the I.F frequency ) = 6.025mhz which is very close to the 6.020mhz freq CRi use..some stations switch languages during the day ..on line sites dont say English for that frequency however it does not mean they do not switch to it either …maybe wrong but cant expect much from a cheap radio in I.F rejection

    Other stations also rebroadcast also (like Vatican radio used to be broadcast on VOA transmitters back in the day not sure if thats still done..been out of SWL for years ) most if not 99% of the problem is the receiver ..on the rare occasion its environment like imaging caused by close transmitters on a totally different frequency mixing with the offending station and resulting out on a band not related to either

    If its a IF issue a simple band regret filter added in the IF will fix it


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