Have You Met My Twins?

Such a lot about Stryker these days and also about 10m radios and the ability to program the UK 40 channels into them. So what I’ve done and it’s available via the contact form I’ve made a file via the PC software and using Band 10 it’s been converted from 10m (29.665) upwards to the UK 40 channels 27.6012-27.9912 FM so if you have the 955 and need the UK 40 to input via software then drop me a line.

I cannot add the file here as WordPress can’t accept it but if you download the software from here: http://tinyurl.com/y9rp3yak then I can send you Band 10 UK40

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    • Never seen a 655 sadly 🙁 will hopefully have some videos on next week. One is a 16 production the other is old 14 and has old age issues so was on for the photo 😀

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    • the 655 is AM/FM, basically just a 955 without SSB… it isn’t really all that. Stryker crunchie Audio, it will not fully modulate AM with the carrier all the way up.. I’ll try to get some photos for you this weekend


    • I’ve seen them on video and don’t they add the Asymod or something like that to kick the audio. Looks interesting but guess almost impossible in EU but can have a look 😀


    • I put it on my O’scope as soon as I got it. It isn’t Asymmetric. They have the “Top Gun Modulator” installed, so if you crank the mic gain all the way up, it over-modulates. So you can actually run the Mic Gain at max, then turn the carrier power up until it runs out of audio to fully modulate it… but it is symmetrical ..
      That was my first Stryker, and most likely my last. 😉


  1. Nice one Si ! Once I get mine i’ll be in touch no doubt. Just awaiting a communication and update from Daniel. Happy friday to you! Laurie


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