Oui Ou Non?

We revisit an article from 12 months ago for this one. President McKinley EU. Front speaker, dual voltage with all EU Norms plus the nice things we also know. In the USA today this is the best Uniden made SSB out there! The other being the 980SSB that still needs a little tlc in my opinion.

So at the moment in EU we’ve got two marmite radios (either love or despise) Grant II Premium and Lincoln II +. Both with strengths, both with weakness. Then we have Jackson II which is now discontinued due to component related issues but it’s had its life. And it’s analogue so hard to find frequencies in these digital times.

A third SSB radio in the series? Jackson II was a good radio, it suffered less than Grant II in the area of noise. So it can be a fit to add a McKinley EU in the range so two straight EU Norms 

Different? 12/24v, front speaker, SSB it is a different idea so maybe it could happen. But it’s no good if sold 5 or 0 in offset, it needs a KC shift as many people use odd numbers these days like 547, 527, 522 etc so 5 or 0 out of date.

When? I thought a year ago wait a little for Mckinley USA to sell and maybe port it across to the EU but nothing so far on the horizon,

Above shows it existed in thought process way back when. Photo shows it with FM on it.

Previous Article: http://tinyurl.com/yavvqjdt

Thoughts: Only make it if it’s done right. If can’t be done “engineered to be the very best” then don’t release it. These days and times £120 radios can be programmed to do almost the same stuff as £250 radios. The design is 10/10 Uniden hit a home run! But it’s the insides that matter and if not really right the public will not forgive so easily this time. If you port across the rounded display, signal meter way it works, SWR feature and other things yes it can be good. In the McKinley USA it’s a 40 channel SSB/AM and works amazingly well. Low noise, strong audio, bang on receive. But with all the extras needed for Europe, multi norm, FM and unlocked mode etc. Conclusion: Can’t make it 110% then leave it as a picture on the internet where it can be remembered with a nice idea not implemented.

Above, with SSB anyone? 

Thank you Gary D for email asking me what I thought 1 year on from original article

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