Counterfeit Nokia 3310 / 2017

After a fair whack of investigation I can now show you below a fake or clone Nokia 3310 with its origins most likely in India, where as the original should be from Vietnam and indeed not from Hungary where this refugee hides its true origin. So below meet the seller and look at the facts.

Meet the seller Mohammad R from London area. His photo is on PayPal, social media and all over the place.. Go check him out!

Check the box as the phone has a “Alimunium” back. That is a first for a Nokia.

Real has Micro Sim = Clone Standard

Battery 1200MaH = Clone 1500MaH from a Nokia E97 series

Micro SD at the top = Clone has Micro SD at the bottom

And the list goes on and on and on and on…

Watch the video and check out all the differences. eBay informed, MHD Informed, PayPal informed as are some other people. Don’t buy on eBay I guess is the idea at the moment as his evening I’ve spotted more than 20 sellers all with bad and not correct listings for the telephone.

Above a real inside.

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