Uniden Bear Tracker 885 Hybrid CB/Digital Scanner

Below we’ve one of the first videos of the Bearcat 885 from Uniden. I’m already asked if this could come to Europe as a multi-norm. All I can say really is if it did it would I guess carry the President name? We’re fortunate that a very key Uniden gentleman reads the blog so would ultimately know more than anyone. Is it on the table to come currently? I think not! But I don’t know either if it’s considered or not. And yes I know the UK would need it also with SSB added.

Above is a photo of prototype rear end of 885 (I’m told) that shows RJ-45 for GPS and two antenna connections. 1 CB and 1 Scanner. I’m also told estimated price is in the area of $450 And yes! I’ve passed the word to a dealer about my interest in one.

Manual: http://tinyurl.com/yak5h2jm

As the radio can update it’s database of scanner information the next step is updatable firmware for CB radios that I forecasted 2015 as being possible. Let’s see whose first to implement its use.

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8 thoughts on “Uniden Bear Tracker 885 Hybrid CB/Digital Scanner

  1. I still have yet to find a “plug and go” trunking system in the 800 range. Only seem to find stuff dummies like me, can’t understand. 🤣


  2. My question is – how many states are still able to work off the low powered signals “BearTracker Alerting” with the up to 2 mile range. Lots of Highway Patrol etc have gone to trunking…P25 some will this still work on those systems? Curious about the state of Texas and Oklahoma.


  3. I operate 90% SSB and also am a Tech for a large TDMA P25 pII trunked radio system. Having a scanner built into a SSB radio would be awesome! Also, other than downloading Unidens file for the scanner (which is most likely coming from radio reference) is there a way to add talkgroup IDs individually? This would be nice since I use Talkgroups on our system that I know are not public information.


    • Aha got you! I’ll try and find out on a new 980 with scanner but at the moment I’ve not heard anything so far but I’ll look around and ask 😀 hopefully more news soon. I’ve got your email so if I find out stuff I’ll let you know


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