President McKinley USA “Unbox & Tune”

Arguably the best Uniden produced SSB radio out there now! Yep just 40 channels of course with not much hidden inside but it’s well produced! I’ve petitioned for an EU version of the McKinley USA but I’ll say for the record that if it can’t be made right, meaning as close to 100% then I’d rather not see it released. I’m fortunate to have used the McKinley USA and for a 100% legit FCC radio it works brilliantly.

But if either Uniden or President can’t make it right for EU no point! It’s not right to release it for the sake of making money. It’s design is a winner, rounded display, front speaker, adjustable power, mike and RF Gain all top. 

List Of No’s

If it’s EU multi-norm then no 5/0 ending but needs Course and fine, which tracks 5,4,3,2,1,0 not locked. This weekend 7 contacts that needed 577, 777, 547 ending so locked 5/0 doesn’t do it. That’s out if date these days.

Low Noise or No noice board. Due to size it’s couldn’t be a re-badged Grant II board. Also needs heatsink on the back as small chassis.

SWR Tune! Cool idea

Hm how about adjustable tone in TX/RX

Uniden got it right this time. Was it due to simplicity? Nothing complex, or was it really “engineered to be the very best” in Tokyo. Time will tell for the EU version I suppose..

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  1. Simon, 5, 4, 3 … khz TX ending is not allowed in CB mode CEPT Decision-ETSI-EN 300xxx regulation


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