Delta Romeo DX Net “Sunday”

What a great Sunday that was on the CEPT SSB channel 36 with members of the DR network. It seems that EU was open for these guys as stations from Spain, Corsica, Hungary came on and gave a call. For me I guess was really one of the best days of radio for ages and I’d like to thank those below for making it all possible.

26DR111/P Scott

26DR017 David

26LR352/M Joe

26FI1965/M Carl

26PD077/P Mick (Think we spoke last in 1988-1989)

26DR265 Chris

26DR1977/P Elaine

Was superb to hear them on the air and the conditions lasted over an 1hour which is something also special in these days. This side the Himalaya WB and Astatic Teardrop seemed to be doing the work well with the stations from Suffolk to Clee Hills to Sheffield and all in between.

Thanks for letting me involved in the network it was really top top class indeed.

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One thought on “Delta Romeo DX Net “Sunday”

  1. Simon,it was a pleasure my friend,we cherish the moments the skip allows us to have our Mainland Radio brothers join in with us and to also try to pass them around to as many stations as possible…Good for the domestic crowd and also for the numbers for the international stations calling in as we ask them to be “sounding boards” for the masses…I/we hope to hear you again very soon with the massive signal and excellent audio you shared this Sunday gone.
    David Hardy.


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