Ronald / Andy USA / SRC Stryker Updates!

So as I’m currently away testing “Mad Hungarian” cocktails as it’s summer almost and rude not too here is an update on all the latest and greatest radios that are coming shortly to market in the EU and also in USA and EU. Based on leaked info, guess on some scale and also what’s currently online.

SRC Stryker SR-955 HPc

The king of the mountain in SSB. Latest driver upgrades, brushed aluminium front, limited production of 500 pieces and this will be a real kick ass radio! Stryker are going to raise the level a bit higher again. Pre-Orders are online. Check Golden Eagle Communications & Sky-Tronics website for news. ETA July – September

President Andy USA

Kick ass AM audio is presumed, ASC and 4 pin microphone.. 4 Pin President superb idea and easily interchange mikes. Not passed FCC yet so expect I guess July – September timeline. It’s going to kick Cobras ass. The snake will loose its venom!

President Ronald 

July – October in EU and the rest it’s online here. I know hints and gossip but not hard facts. Price not known, 6 pin yes, CTCSS ?? I don’t know and new ideas such as dyna & elec for mike options.

Last six months of year will be busy for sure.

I’ll try and source some radios to show you here but going to be hard. So if I can find anywhere at all videos and photos I’ll add them.

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