14th June “Return of the Crapsman Radio”

Gary 26CT104 has been out and about in one of my main stomping grounds from back in the day. Wingreen Hill on the Wilts, Dorset border always worked incredible well in 80s early 90s where it was possible to speak to the Channel Islands during the night on FM. Guess those days are well gone now. Enjoy the video.

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  1. a great video talking of the older times have you heard of lay lines, right a spot were I dx from and still do I was told about this lay lines, Two copper rods bent into a L and were I was siting getting out ok so tried the test found a spot were the copper rods crossed I then put a wooden peg in the ground 7feet, from the car drove over the peg no height gain and shouted and I got a comment back take the boots of I was radio 5 but sig 30+ I had no boots and told the lad what I had done , he said he had heard about that and said he did not then believe about it , but now seen it and heard the diff , and nights after 23.00hrs I used to get some great contacts all over the country the spot is 2000ftasl and it still works to day. the good old days were great contacts every night all week end .Yes I miss them were I live there is just 3 of us now.


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