40FDX/DX “On Air Now”

Jean Claude is active now on 27.695 (Tuesday 19.00 CET) so take a listen as it appears almost all areas of EU are making the trip into his log. Luck was with me and managed to make the log here my vertical Himalaya WB and 50w. As it’s quite close for me at around 740km it’s always difficult to get Liechtenstein plus it’s closed in by the Alps.

Jean Claude is running a Sirio Hi Power 4000 as I believe and QSL is via eqsl only! No paper QSL will be printed.

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8 thoughts on “40FDX/DX “On Air Now”

  1. Made the contact with Jean Claude on Tuesday 20th June at 08.13 UTC but cannot find any details anywhere regards the EQSL.


    • I don’t subscribe to FB Simon but perhaps it might be on YT also. Equipment is a Yaesu FT-450D, the only HF radio with a bleep, in the menu it’s STBY BP so instead of Roger bleep it’s now referred to as a standby beep. Microohone is the Yaesu MD-200A8X base mic running through a UR6QU 8 band EQ and the antenna is either the Sirio Silver Rod 1/2 wave at 15ft or the Sigma 3 ele Yagi which is at only 12ft off the ground. Never use any extra power. I’m 1000ft ASL. Could send you pictures if I knew how to attach them, probably would need to by email to you I guess.


    • Sounded exceptionally nice, hint of echo I think. I’ve the same EQ here and works nicely. I’ll look if he added it on YT I just saw it on Facebook last night. Beautiful sounding audio indeed


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