President Grant II Is Discontinued

We all knew it was going to happen and indeed it appears to be the case the radio has been discontinued. The Grant II Premium version is continuing, it’s the current and will be the radio heading into the future. This comes off the back of the Jackson II also being discontinued. It also continues to show that although people don’t understand AM/FM continues to outsell SSB. 

For those that need it still we’ve got the export mod below:

Discontinued according to the dictionary

No longer available or not produced anymore.

The radio is of course available, but is not produced anymore.

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6 thoughts on “President Grant II Is Discontinued

  1. It’s only the serious CB radio hobbyists that worry about SSB and all the other technical stuff.
    Most of the guys that buy a CB just want to plug it in and chat a few Km’s to other users. They aren’t worried about the technical aspects of a radio.
    CB has always been about short range comms between people and that’s what AM/FM is good for.


  2. maybe the reason why am/fm rigs outsell ssb is that the seroious ssb users (dxers) just don’t care for those drifting archaic echo and roger beep clad “export” radios ? they much prefer to use a modified ham radio rig. This leaves a greater market share for am/fm cb’s.

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  3. The comment is not quite correct. Funktechnik Bielefeld bought up the entire remaining stock of the President Grant II. Therefore, the Grant II will still be available in Germany for a while.


    • The radio is not manufactured now so it’s discontinued. Sure stock levels in many countries is good. But discontinued = no longer produced. That is correct, as is the Premium continues to be manufactured.


  4. That isn’t good news.

    I believe the decrease in SSB radio demand is related to the increase of radio appliance Operators…

    SSB is too much like work, AM/FM sounds better…

    Oh look! Why play with a radio when I have a Cell Phone and the internet?

    The Solar Cycle is in the gutter and Propagation SUCKS

    Sad state of affairs indeed

    This hobby needs an SSB rig about the size of the Apollo II Chassis!


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