Eric C We’ll Miss You..

For once on the blog something personal for me this time. I’d like to wish Eric C from CRT a very happy retirement. He will leave CRT at the end of the month and embark on a new life to chase dreams, spend time with loved ones and start a new chapter in life. Eric is the kindest guy, along with others at CRT he has kept the radio dreams alive. He has helped me personally on the blog with new products, news, information, CRT knowledge. The blog will be weaker without his help to the users of the products CRT sell. I’m sure he will leave CRT with the knowledge that someone will take over the very high level of care he has shown all the time at CRT.

If you come to Budapest Eric, there is always a beer, wine, juice, water awaiting you.

Thank you for all you’ve done for CRT and the help you’ve given me at the blog and the information you’ve shared for the wider CRT users.

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