President Barry AM/FM JBL AM RX 

Personally I like a nice strong bass with my AM receive and so today was a plan to attach the JBL Bluetooth speaker via cable to the radio and see how it sounds. Actually the Barry AM/FM works exceptionally well without it, but for videos etc sometimes the sound is missing or not so clearly on the camera. So today was a premier attempt at trying to solve some issues.

The Barry AM/FM is a cousin of the Barry FM and Andy AM/FM and intimately works super well. Dual voltage, all EU Norms as is expected these days and with killer AM transmit, with the FM darker but not dull. There was a time people always talked about dark and dull audio on FM from President but on this I’ve not noticed it at all (so far)

The video is about the speaker. It’s Bluetooth and can be connected via 3.5mm to the radio. In my case I like the sound. Many maybe don’t but for AM it’s quality is excellent. If your in a country where the AM/FM is sold check it out! Your going to be surprised.

*Barry was singled out as was on the desk at the time. But on the Andy AM/FM and also McKinley USA it also sounds and was working excellent*

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