Sociedad Anónima de Electrónica y Técnicas Avanzadas

Also known as Sadelta. Catalan Spain made and sold all across Europe and some popped up beyond EU. Many messages I’ve found today on my Sadelta blog. I didn’t check it for a long time, sorry about that my bad. So I’ve decided I’m going to see if somewhere the Sadelta sound can be updated and replicated.  112 mails I found today asking where to find, how to find. Maybe it’s possible to encorporate into a radio? Maybe it’s possible to replicate somewhere the sound, style, behaviour and quality of echo?

Above some of mine I’ve found today in a box. Some marked CE95. Sealed not used. Maybe that’s the issue some sat around, never were sold like these.. Just in one box I found 6x MB-4 Plus and 2x MP-2 not used.

Above are Sadelta Echo Master Plus Classics, Sadelta Bravo Plus and a not so common to see “Albrecht” Echo Master Plus. So that’s why I started (not very much written) Sadelta blog. Add to these the ME-3, HM300, Echo boxes then I’ve quite a Sadelta collection. One box was damaged so decided to re-house them safer. Maybe they should be in a museum of microphones after all a museum of CB exists..

The rest, leave it with me let me see what I can find out….

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