#throwback President D104

I was asked overnight about this and honestly it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it. So I thought I’d make up a throwback for this. Information seems to suggest it had something in common or came about with the Madison and the Washington in mid 1980’s. Seems aplate on a microphone but me! Never seen one till now.

Photos came from Paul E or Paulie I’m not sure. He’d seen them somewhere and sent them to me as “you know President like they do” you too kind. I’m just a user like you..

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4 thoughts on “#throwback President D104

  1. I seen an advertising bill in an old S9 magazine from the early 1980s… I’ll try to find this again.
    I could copy the image and print these up, apply these to a silver or black mic head plate! I think it looks grand!


  2. I have one here, have had it for about 10 years now. Not mint, but close enough 🙂 As stated by Simon all ive ever found is it came with certain US President base radios in the early 80’s. Wasnt standard equipment, but was a special edition or something along those lines. I love the look of the back plate, puts to shame the Eagle design they used lol.. IMO anyway 🙂


  3. I have seen this mic before on the net but i have numerous cb magazines from that era and no ad’s figuring this d104 with a president cb so not sur if this came original from factory ?? but could be ?


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