Motorola “Bomber” Albrecht AE-6110 & CRT Millenium 

News from Germany this time and it’s excellent news for owners of the Albrecht AE-6110. Thorsten has modified the radio to accept a Motorola microphone with up/down on it and by all accounts the audio is fantastic. It never ceases to amaze me the modifications that can be made on this small radio.

News, availability I’ll leave to Thorsten to reply below. But what a good idea! 

Above is the CRT with same Motorola “Bomber” Modification


Join the group below to purchase the microphone:

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  1. The Mike is available with almost every connection, also 6 pol GDCH the Mike needs 5-12 volts from the device. It also plays perfectly on a CRT 7900, with this device must be placed 5-12 Volt on pin 7 on the device


  2. The Motorola Mike ist very nice, and hast extrem Power i have 3 Versionen !!!
    Motorola V2 Verstärker Edition
    Motorola V3 Kompressor/Clipper Edition
    Motorola UP/Down Version Spezial


    • Many people want to see video tests on the microphones. The interest is good just need see tests. Thanks for sending direct contact it’s important too


  3. Should be good grade audio,depending on moto microphone model,these have a shielded preamplified microphone board in them usually to help overcome RFI issues,strong audio to transmitter by using high level audio,something the cb mfrs could take note on fm,you need to drive the fm modulators hard to get punchy fm that sounds good.
    Def like this mod,seems to suit radio with moto microphone,perhaps china mfrs could produce a copy to go with set,uses a molex connector on radio on V3 models.
    I’ve found on my Ae-6110 the microphone leaves a lot to be said on quality and bit of a let down,too light,ptt button not the best on fm modulation being not preamplified audio insert so fm sounds a bit feeble,maybe this is good solution?
    Top Marks on this!


    • I like it too. All I know is your can buy the microphones from Thorsten modified. The maker is in Bavaria, I’ve just heard audio on a video and sounded really good. It still amazes me the modifications out there, and this one I really do like it.


    • Nice mod indeed, nice audio as well.

      I want to look into putting a mic jack on the radio to make it easier to swap mics and such.

      The Motorola HMN3596A seems like a great match.


    • Good to read you as well, my friend. I’d still like to figure out the rotary encoder channel selector mod as well. You are correct: These radios seem to be a great platform for modifications, and if a schematic ever surfaces, it would be a huge advantage, but I’m not holding my breath for that.

      For such a strong circuit, I’m willing to bet it has many possibilities.

      As always, I look forward to your blog updates and enjoy your work!


    • I understand (maybe) a couple of German guys have the diagram. Me, no! But I’ve seen some bits and pieces that would give me the impression they’ve got it somehow. So could be out there. We’re trying keep it updated here. Just today surpassed 500,000 hits in 2017 with 81,239 people in 200+ countries


    • Outstanding! Congratulations on your success. I try to update my blog when I get time do do something interesting, but your blog is my go to for radio happenings


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