CB Radio “In Grave Danger” *Update*

We mentioned some time ago about the plans for the deletion of CB radio. Since the license was taken away, national registry deleted it was sure the band was in peril. From July 3-6th a meeting has taken place in Vilnius Lithuania and below we’ve the important updates. Thank you very much to Vicente for supplying me the news overnight so I can put it here below directly from Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “CB Radio “In Grave Danger” *Update*

  1. Have we got support from the Main CB manufacturers on this or have they been made aware?
    because this will also affect there business market,whats there take on all this,that’s something Im not hearing yet?
    Im sure they wont be to happy either if this is true,I think it would bolster well from commercial interests to support these possible change afoot,commercial interests will also hold more clout with governing bodies,if they start shouting too.
    Im a bit perplex why they would form a global EU standard and then just take it away after all the hard work done and business within EU markets would lose out,like shooting yourself in foot,just doesn’t make sense to me?
    Or have they gone completely Barmy in EU land and thrown common sense right out the window and going to pile drive this through not matter what,because they can? Bit odd approach.

    I think we need a bit more devil in detail on this and what EU and Far East Manufacturers have heard or what there take is on this,make them aware and get their Support as well as they will will certainly be affected if 27mhz band taken away from us Simon.
    Perhaps you can expand on this by asking around a bit more Si,any links or names at EAR?,emails address to EAR?,hearsay is rife on internet,I like to see actual facts and factual statements before I can make a judgement.
    Would be a great shame to loose CB radio on 27mhz for the users,sellers,repair techs and manufacturers and factory jobs will all be affected if this is true and band withdrawn.
    Im sure we will here more as time goes on what’s planned,I would have thought some consultancy with EAR would be on cards?

    73’s Rob


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