Micro Sized SSB Radio (Hmm Not Yet)

Every now and then it pops up, either via email, messenger or on air. And with the evolution of the Anytone Apollo II from CB/10m into VHF/UHF then you'd think the grounds are set for something. My view is yes but not now. The time isn't right, and it would need an investment in time, testing, design, costing so it's not a simple "please make me this" Years ago I had a thought of a Uniden being changed from UHF to SSB it's on the blog. It was ahead of its time, product of my mind.

Above the Apollo II. Yes can be re-designed for SSB. Needs time. Like all radio stuff the issue would be price. Especially in UK where they are too used to cheap and expect it always. In this case it wouldn't be cheap and they'd not buy it (only limited sales) But the UK isn't the world so can sell well many other market areas.


FM: 4 / 8 / 15 / 20

SSB: 4 / 10 / 15 / 20

AM: 4 / 8

Then amplifiers can be used with no troubles. You'd need move or replace FP1 – FP6 so same face can't be used so more cost involved as need new front, not same one.


Multi-EU Norms

10m Ham Band / 12 metres

Freeband 12 / 10 metres

Needs new board, new software. Long process to get it right

PC Programming:

Yes fully programmable, change TX and RX frequencies, Bands, Bleeps etc

Software update (Ability to update only if error found or improvement made)


It's impossible for CRT / Midland / Team / Avanti and multiple others to sell it as a price war and territory war for sales would be unleashed. So you'd need just one who could afford the research, design, testing, big enough orders to make it viable. It has to make profit, it's not a dream just to make it and it'll sell itself.


Won't be coming shortly to market……..

It's about two possible radios:

A: Ham 12/10m

B: CB Multi Norm Use

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  1. Make it dual bander Multi-Market set, with the usuals inside.
    would have a bigger potential market world wide to get project off ground and sales marketing.

    There nothing on the market for a compact HF\VHF ssb,Am,FM unit

    24-36 mhz band 1 30 Watts LMR,Marine NZ Aus,Ham,CB bands,29mhz Africa,Japan Marine 27mhz
    144-148 mhz (118-136 airband 136-174 Rx) band 2 10-30 Watts LMR,Ham,Marine,MURS VHF
    option band 2 50mhz (36-54 mhz) or 70mhz (66-88mhz) or 70cms (400-512 mhz)

    modes Am,Fm Wide,Fm mid,Fm Narrow,USB,LSB CW CTCSS & DCS DTMF decode paging and Encode DTMF Microphone for patching and gateways

    Have band lockout for different markets LMR Mode,Ham,CB approvals
    Flash upgradability-This must become more standard on these sets now.
    Flash bandplan lockouts for commercial needs ie FM only
    Cross repeat facilities.
    Plugin Digital Voice mode module ie DMR,D-star,System Confusion,P25 for future proofing radio
    Add remote detachable head unit and control cable for boot mounting.
    Optional SSB filters.
    TCXO as std fit 0.5ppm
    High Intercept Point and good +110dB dynamic range AGC for less than 6dB change at audio output.
    Roofing filter as standard.
    All mode noise squelch.
    NB blanker all modes.
    ANL variable control.
    I.F shift control.

    FM 30 watts Max (fm wide-5khz,Fm mid-4khz,Fm N-2.5khz,FM-SN 2.00khz) Pre-emph
    FM-RX Band Width 16khz or 9khz wide
    SSB 30 watts PEP Max
    SSB-RX BAndwidth 1.8khz or 2.2khz wide crystal selectable
    Am 7.5 watts Carrier 30w PEP@90mod Max (series or transformer modulated)
    Am-RX Bandwidth 6khz wide

    Steps 0.100,1.0,2.5,6.25,5,10,11.25,12.5,15,20,25,50Khz

    Multi Standard approvals from one set save’s manufacturing cost and have stock parts across all ranges,saves on retooling costs and repairs have stock items in this sets range.

    Not sure if they could compact that much electronics in to the current package size,maybe possible?

    And get rid of this cloak & dagger approach on Service Manuals & Schematics to support basic maintenance of the product and give users a bit more support and confidence in product.
    Something that’s seriously lacking from imported radios.

    As it stands I just cant see how tooling it up for a single band SSB would justify it ,Ill keep saying it,if you want performance and high grade product (most people do) you got to pay,if we keep pushing for a £50 pound (or yens,dollars) ssb set ull get a very compromised and possible a very poor performing unit and it will disappoint you with lots of bugs and problems as we have seen with AM\FM kit (no names mentioned)

    I think one area that manufacturers are seriously failing in radio market is not field testing enough the new product and is being short cutted to quickly to get radio out on market.
    A potential disaster if it goes wrong and does not help reputation of company selling the goods,more so now with internet.

    The way I look at it,you have potential radio users out there who loved to do field reports,do what the Games software market responded too and has done and Beta test it and sign a non disclosure.
    Im sure there a lot of potential keen people who would love the chance to be involved in project for free!
    The mfr could offer a free radio as a thank you for reports and feedback services???

    It would give users hands on of a brand new shiny radio kit to play with and at same time speed up the debugging at a lower cost of R&D for in house testings at factory as well.
    Plus the up side,problems can be brought to attention a lot quicker and be resolved directly with Mfr contact.

    They can post back videos of potential problems and issues very simply to be be investigated back at Factory for quick fixes and updates via the internets,skype,group web chat etc and engineers can ask questions back too for resolves in Beta Testing and save quite a bit of money in R&D costs.
    WE could never do this as RF engineers 30 years ago when I was doing this,but you can now,no real excuses now this could not be done in the internet age,a little hard work will pay of big time in quality and reputation when word gets round.

    Well that’s my 20p take on this Simon,I really do hope a small high performance SSB multimode does come out and gauntlet challenge thrown down to try,
    but I say this, it must be made to high specs to avoid disappointment and field test the damn thing thoroughly first!

    Paying customers will expect this for £50 or less, just daft and don’t even go there you’ll be disappointed with results.

    Being dual band maybe justify a slightly higher price and better quality design and electronic parts fitted esp if it got commercial basis as well in certain world markets.
    Im sure the China MFRs do read these pages,perhaps this will give them some ideas to look at?

    Fingers crossed

    73’s Rob


  2. Free Band is not Legal ie 555 . Neither is a Radio with 10 ,11 and 12 meters on it. nice to dream though


  3. There,s been one around for a long time the Yaesu FT817 nd has its own power supply runs 5 watts which is enough to run a amp , And as it doesn’t overdrive it it puts out a clean signal. Used on for years and worked the world on it. Give it a try


    • Not really a tease. The time isn’t right now. I’ve asked all places I can and there is an appetite to look into it but not now.
      It’s a wait, wait and wait and see situation…


    • Yes in ten meter or twelve meter mode yes indeed. The idea is micro sized radio. Size of Apollo II for new cars. Can be 4/4/12w for multi norm CB and in another version not the same Ham mode.


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