CRT Millenium V2 “Really”

So the fabled V2 of the CRT Millennium arrived after a delay. Interesting stuff as the first piece switched on with extended mode activated so a quick look inside and check all the hot glue saw the change and returned it back to its standard setting (for now) Inside, looks a mess and you can cut yourself on the sharp metal at the back, I haven’t but you can do it easily. So best not like me to loose the warranty instantly by poking your noses inside.

RF Gain now works as was intended from the start and thats in both A.M. and F.M modes so that is really a good sign ultimately.

In UK mode it’s got CE FM on the A/F button where it should have got of course EU and allowed AM and FM in the setting. Seems Xinwei who makes this need to take a look at country norms, plus in the manual is no mention of CE in UK mode just 40channels UK normal from 1981.

So apparent lack of care taken in the preparation of the manual as never knew the radio has CE on the UK side of things when needs to be EU & UK.

Ultimately needs a V3 and needs to speak to users and not just engineers. The basis of the radio is a good one, the idea behind it with detachable microphone is good but better would be a RJ-45 and as we know it fits as K-PO smartly added it to there radio.

Transmit and Receive Tests Soon…

Whenever will the smart people speak to the users. I’m not plugging me as I’ve invested into these radios so earned the right to an opinion.

A Listen to Users
B Listen to customer feedback
C Cost it out and change it

Without it you’ve got a paperweight like the V1 is….. I’m often criticised for being too picky and for complaining too much. President in Balaruc ignore ALL my messages (since January 2017) now again even when asking on behalf of people who either need help or advice or in some cases where to buy. CRT don’t answer emails either, takes long time if they do message. CB now has many new masters, many radios, many antennas, many amplifiers. So use the ones where companies treat you well and treat you right. Ones that ignore your questions, sell let’s face it substandard stuff not used in real world then look elsewhere. It’s over half way through 2017 and many companies want your money so choose correctly.

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2 thoughts on “CRT Millenium V2 “Really”

    • Export Mode Power is ok. Legal is a bit lower than needed. For a radio in €60 it’s got a battle on its hand as competitive marketplace. It’s just whether a V3 is needed now to fix stuff. Over the weekend will try it much more but so far it’s not much better than original release I guess.


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