New Month Good News

I’m delighted to have more news about the new 9900 CRT. After messages about 12m being only programmable by Software it appears after a way to access it is like the old radio, thus as we’ve wrote before they are identical to the older version with the addition of 12m. It appears below is how to do it? Not seen one, touched or looked at one so whose to know.

Press PUSH button and frequency flashes
Adjust the channel control to change the frequency
Press PUSH again and move to the next number

So allows 12m access? Seems logical but I can’t say yes or no if it’s working

So you wouldn’t need software and cable if this is correct. Not many are in the open at the moment so hard to guess but would be logical.

Still best always software and cable as makes life a lot easier and after saving your preferred choice of frequency and bands if anything happens you’ve got a back up to rely on. Hope this helps Mark & Ger who’ve asked about this last evening.

Guys try it and PLEASE let us know here…

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  1. That’s a bit better,least now a bit more user friendly now,well least CRT France did address problem at end of day,cant fault them for that Si.result can do it either way now and bit more flexible for customer.


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