Team MiCO “Updated”

Markus from Neunerfunk has been a star by adding the instruction manual to the Team MiCO and from this we can see different versions could be available and these would come in the form of the VHF with 136-174 MHz and the UHF 440-470 MHz. This will sure generate a lot of interest and the base is versatile and for those interested covers the 6.25 KHz step which some will need.

And we see the possible power output of 15 watts, 10 watts and 5 watts so really quite interesting. Now we need to wait more information to follow.

Thank you so much to Markus whose kindness now allows us time to see what’s inside this versatile chassis. I’m shocked that CRT wasn’t on the list for this radio. Maybe they are and it’s just not available yet..

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