Thunderbolt SSD58 “The Video”

We forecast that this antenna would be popular and by the response and now the users I’ve heard with the antenna it really seems to be doing the business. Below we’ve been supplied a video from Hawkins Radio that shows a few contacts and they are some real good ones. Myself I’ve spoken to a DRX station from the mountains in Wales running one and was 20db so watch the video and details how to get them are on Facebook.


And soon to be available for the PMR Men will be the Thunderbolt Bandit PMR58!! We will bring you the news for this antenna for the other magic band ASAP.

We know many users, drop me a line with your videos and we can add them here if you like.

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One thought on “Thunderbolt SSD58 “The Video”

  1. Just beware that cheep coax at pmr frequencys are very lossy so make sure it is quality coax that it uses. as every watt is needed.


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