Palomar MAX Mod Comes To EU

Finally some good news about the Palomar Max Mod that we have featured some weeks ago. An enlightened dealer in the Netherlands namely Avera has Imported them and as soon as they’ll arrive they should be available from dealers such as Truckerswereld in the Netherlands plus others who deal with Avera. So no need anymore to go via the USA route and be targeted by customs and import duties.

Expected price range to be €15~€20

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One thought on “Palomar MAX Mod Comes To EU

  1. Hmm ive used something very similar to those on SS-3900V9,if they are the same which im pretty sure (99.9%)they are,work very well those devices,basically over engineering way esp in that circuit area Si!
    My own SS-3900V9 can run continuous in FM ,those devices are very rugged,hence why I use them,I haven’t had a chance to use this particular brand,but as above they do look a close match,be interested here from techs on these custom devices.

    If you have one of those fancy heat sensor guns can do do comparative tests before VS after mod,its a reasonable easy mod to retro fit with soldering skills.
    Some manufacturers should take notes and over engineer the voltage regulators in CB,its the one part that’s critical keeping radio stable,DC ripple clean,Current peaks in AM\SSB and trying to reduce heat build up in Transmit mode.

    Good Find Si.

    73’s Rob


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