CRT 2 FP Photos

Again with thanks to Emilie for the quick sending comes the CRT 2FP. This dual band and dual receive radio comes in two formats. It’s in ham and com so in essence it’s expanded and locked so to speak. Along with its brother the CRT 1 FP it’s powered with a 7.2v battery and comes with a 2000 MaH battery. Power levels are L/M/H which equates to 1w, 2.5w and 5w in VHF mode and 1w, 2.5w and 4w UHF. 200 memories are provided and really this radio is easier to program via software I’d say as it has many menu and sub menu items to address.

As with the CRT 1 FP this radio comes with a drop in charger, English and French manual and also a CRT branded lanyard to carry the radio around your neck. On board are the usual CTCSS and DCS options. Yes for the quietness of the bands an FM radio is also on board. Add to this the ability to have a 6.25khz step for Freenet and PMR if you should want to listen then you’ve got quite a lot on board.

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This radio is more expensive than the CRT 1FP and weighs in at €115 plus shipping from France and the Webshop.

More info and a video of the radios will follow and the links will be posted here as and when.

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