Team MiCO PMR 446 Software

So as expected now the radio is freely available its time to have a look at the software as many tell me the “programming software” does everything? Sadly like the Team Expert1 it’s a multi situation as the software indeed allows freely programming the radio but the power option sadly is from a different and hard to find piece of software and then you need to know the values to program the power.

So we can expect I presume some broken radios quite quickly as people will not know the values and I suppose program lots of different values.

The software comes in many varieties and this one was for the UHF / PMR 446 Version which is locked to 446.1-446.2 which covers the 16 channels and 500mw Power.

How it looks on the screen with the possibility to program 199 memory channels and the usual CTCSS. The radio allows frequency and name to be on the screen so if you don’t want 446.00625 then you can change it to PMR01 or however or whatever your heart desires.

Now we’ll be really keen to see what happens and how it is received on the market. What is sure it is a good idea this radio, it’s just now how and what people will think of it.

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