Santiago 1200 “Still Available” Made By Telecom

Great news from the Avera blog in the Netherlands and indeed it’s really great news. It appears that the Santiago 1200 is still available even after its demise was reported in many places and also in many Webshop’s. I guess go check your local CB store for more details and in the Netherlands check Ronald at Truckerswereld as sure he’ll have them or can get them at least.

Original Article:

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And now the Telecom Copy which is sold is below:

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  1. The build quality of these copy antennas (Telecom and Co.) is not nearly as good as
    the original Sirtel Santiago 1200 has been.

    The original Sirtel Santiago 1200 is NOT produced anymore and Avera doesn’t stock it.. the
    blog entry from avera only gives a link to the two available copied Santiago 1200.. but this
    link is well hidden on the bottom of the blog entry….


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