President Andy USA Internals

So to put a few birds to rest below we’ve the internal photos of the new President Andy USA. Mostly for those smarter than me who’ve told me the radio has a wire and a jumper and will unlock to many frequencies. Please take a look below at the reality. I DO NOT HAVE A RADIO so cannot confirm if the released to market radios look the same inside but these are the very best that I could manage to show you. I’ve told you before since January 2017 no communication with Balaruc, well yes the communication was from my side but nothing in return. So look, buy the radio, enjoy the radio, run your favourite microphone on the radio and don’t loose the warranty.

As before I’m in process in USA to secure a radio but still not in store as we speak. But as I said before don’t destroy a great warranty for checking it out inside. Get an amplifier, add your old Astatic or Workman or Wilson microphone and use the radio. Look, no hidden 400channels as it’s an absolutely 100% FCC approved 4w CB.

That’s it! When and if it’s here you’ll see it and when you’ve got yours then send me a link to where I can see the video and share it here with other radio friends who read the blog.

Photos were freely found on the internet, simple search needed. Not hard to find…

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