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Especially for the guys on Deep South Radio and other friends across the pond here is a small look at the President Andy USA. A deeper look will be later but you’ve asked about whether the case is metal, what are the colours of the display etc and we have the news of this below as you’ve asked me. I need to immediately thank President Electronics for allowing me a look at the radio. So, the more in-depth is when the guys have them up and running in the USA like Dennis and Daniel.

So! The case is metal guys, and the radio quite heavy to lift. Case is I’d imagine been treated the same way as the Lincoln II +

Colours: Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Purple and Cyan Light

I’m a President Green person normally but I like the Cyan Light! Let’s have this in the EU

Yes it’s true the mike is indeed 4 pin. Wiring is below:

And the radio display colours below, blue colour my camera reacted not so great

That’s it for now. I’ve covered the immediate questions! Yes it has a heat-sink on the back. For those who’ve asked before it’s the same case and heat-sink as the EU available Barry FM, Andy AM/FM and CIS available Barry AM/FM.

Another question was controls. These are responsive, I’d say maybe even a little more than the EU versions. ASC opens at slightest signal and volume can be adjusted easily, fluidly and no real lapse or delay in movement.


Dealer Map:

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