Yaesu FT-891 Updates

Owners of the FT-891 from Yaesu (myself included) have received some updates and add-on from the newest series of updates to this radio. 5Mhz and DSP improvements amongst the details released online by Yaesu. Below we’ve the link to the updates and provide the list of improvements. Only bad side is factory reset of the radio after the updates are installed.

Link to the Updates: http://tinyurl.com/ycw3hzl8

If anything I’d agree with the fact my DNR seems maybe 10% better than it was before.

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  1. hi delboy on my ft 891 they have given the 5mhz its own button on the updates, why the 991 does it different only yaesu know does seem a funny way to do it


    • Seems very odd that they have added it to the ’14’ button. I know the BAND select screen is full on the 991 but they could have given ‘5’ it’s own button and reworked the screen a little.


    • It was on the 891 they made it a bit smaller and fitted it in why they did not do it on the 991 is anyone guess


  2. The factory reset is a real pain in the bottom for sure, having to set everything up again the way you like it.

    The way 5mhz has been incorporated is a bit strange (at least on my ft991), having to press and hold the ’14’ band button to get into 5mhz. I’m sure they could have given ‘5’ it’s own button and maybe combined the AIR and MW bands onto one button instead.

    You listening Yaesu????????


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