Delta Slim Inside And It’s Interesting

Thanks to Przemek from Konektor5000 for sending me so swiftly the Delta Slim which appears to be imported by PPHU Sonar in Poland. Interesting really under the hood and hard to know what to make of it really? I’ve added for you here also a board of the Albrecht AE-6110 for a comparison. It’s really a case of really…

Above is the Delta Slim which show an 0Ohmn resistor on OP1 and solder closed OP2 so that’s something to have a look at a little later and when storm free here.

Above is the Markus from Neuner photo of the Albrecht AE-6110 that shows at the back of it 20141118 Mini PCB1 on the back of the board.

The Delta Slim States 20150925 Mini PCB1. This doesn’t mean it’s a Qixiang made model.

As you see both OP1 and OP2 closed, and as we know on the originals both of the OP’s are not soldered so therefore are open.

Above is the board from the Team Mobile Minicom new release with the signal meter and this shows the board 20140915 and again both OP1 and OP2 Open and not closed at all.

And even comes with the factory QC paperwork. The buttons on the radio are not the same as other radios and are cheaper made and a cheaper crunch sound when you press them. We will be looking at the radio more over the weekend when time allows hopefully but wanted to share with you an initial look.

If you need one: Konektor5000 and the link:

And is it a Qixiang Made Radios? I think not.

Currently the cheapest I’ve seen it is €43 which is around £38 or $52 so my guess is that the unit price at the factory will be in the area of $17 till $20

And that is really too cheap for a Qixiang Made and designed radio.

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  1. cheaper made buy at your own risk how long will it last spend a little extra and get the better named crunchy buttons can not see them lasting long I have been biting once with cheap radios from china not for me I would buy better named a bargain for some but no not me


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