EA4BQN Amplifiers

Many thanks to Rob PE9PE whose found a couple of amplifiers and send me the link so we can take a look at them. Two amplifiers are listed with output powers from 400 till 800 watts and are using mosfets for the output. Below are the photos and a link to the original site of the amps.

-Solid state amplifier with bipolar transistors.

-Frequency range 1.8 – 30 Mhz.

-Internal power supply 220/240 V. 50 Hz ac.

-Drive level up to 80 Watts.

-QRP version with drive level up to 25 Watts.

-Output 300-400 Watts CW, 500-550 Watts PEP on 50 ohms.

-5 pole toroidal filters switchable by front rotary switch.

-Unwanted harmonic radiation better than -45 dB.

-Intermodulation distortion -30 dB at rated maximum output power.

-Modes: SSB-CW.

-Output impedance 50 ohms.

-Twin cooling system at double speed fans automatically switched, with 2 separate thermostats.

-SWR protection with led and sound warnings.

-Bargraph wattmeter.

-Size 22.5 cms (W), 17.5 cms (H), 38 cms (D).

-Weight 10 kgs.

-2 year warranty (final transistors not included).

Solid state amplifier with 4 high power MOSFETS

-Frequency range 1.8 – 30 MHZ

-Internal power supply 220 V. 50 Hz. A.c

-Drive level ( see the manual) never more than 100 watts.

-QRP version drive level up to 10 watts.

-Output power SSB 700-800 watts.on 50 ohms load

-Manual bandswitching and automatic for most brands of radios

-Double input for use of 2 radios, with unused input grounded

-Double output for use of two different antennas

-Five pole toroidal filters switchable by front panel rotary switch

-Unwanted harmonic radiation better than -45 dB

-Modes SSB – CW

-Output impedance 50 ohms.

-Twin cooling system at double speed fans automatically switched with two separate thermostats

-SWR protection with led and sound warnings

-Size: 25 cms. (W), 19 cms. (H), 40 cms. (D)

-Approx weight 19 Kgs.

-Two year warranty (Power MOSFETS not included)

Link: http://tinyurl.com/ybnxtkxs

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