CRT Micron Comes Q4

Many have asked and thanks to the kindness of CRT I can tell you the Micron is on the cards for October at the earliest. This radio that’s based on the Apollo II chassis will cover both VHF and UHF with 144-146 and 430-440 with 25 watts output power. The output is in three stages of 5/15 and 25 watts. 52 CTCSS / 1024 DCS : sub-audio code to activate repeater like selective tone is installed. Many have asked, so the answer is yes!

Costing of the radio isn’t known so keep checking the CRT website and web shop for further information. And yes, 6.25khz step is included. PC Programming appears to be available as optional add on, makes life easier for sure.

Here is the CRT direct Link:

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