Surecom UV5R-WP

News from our friends at 409 Shop in Hong Kong. They are now selling for $39.90 the IP57 approved Surecom UV-5R. This is another dual band hand held covering 136-174 and 400-520 MHz and comes with the all important 6.25khz step for PMR radio if needed. The price is exclusive of shipping and any import duties and taxes.

136-174/400-520MHz RADIO + EARPIECE


1) Output : 5W(H)/4W(M)/1W(L)

2) Frequency Range: 136.00-174.00 MHz /400.00-520.00MHz

3) IP57 waterproof and dustproof (Not diving)

4) High &Low Power Switchover

5) Battery Saving

6) VOX Function

7) Wide/Narrow Band Selection

8) Auto-Back Light

9) Dual Band Standby

10) Time-out Timer (TOT)

11) 50 CTCSS and 104 DCS Codes

12) Voice Prompt

13) ANI Code

14) PC or Manual Program

15) DTMF Code

16) PTT-ID

17) ATUO Keypad Lock

18) Busy Channel Lock Function

19) Dual Band, Dual Display and Dual Standby

20) Emergency Alarm

21) Priory Scanning Function

22) Relay Forwarding Confirmed (1750 Hz)

23) Low Battery Warning

24) U/V Cross Band Dual Watch

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