Barry FM High Power Via Talkback? Readers Question

I’m this time trying something different. I’ve received an email which I’ll add below and as I can’t answer it I’ll feature it. It’s about the newer version Barry FM. The question is that the power is adjustable 4-20w on Talkback. I’ve absolutely no ideas as I can’t get it to work but maybe somewhere a reader can enlighten our darkness.

And the message:

Hello Simon!

I have one of the early Barry FM 4W radios. The later ones are 4-20W commutable by activating Talkback. Do you know if the early ones support this modification and how can it be done? I could not find any information on the internet about this. Thank you!

I know how to make 20w:

Maybe a clever engineer made a modification? I’ve Serial 003 and 006 and mine can’t do it. But latter series I’ve not got so can’t check. Mine appear not to do it.

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5 thoughts on “Barry FM High Power Via Talkback? Readers Question

  1. These 4 / 20W switchable Barry radios have pretty much flooded the market in Romania. It seems that Talkback is disabled.

    I have modified mine to 120 channels and added the resistor but as far as i remember that only brought 15W on FM.

    Cannot find any information source. Any updates, anybody?




    • Hi Radu. What update do you need? The power on FM is right, mine makes about the same output power. Talkback I’ll try and find out as immediately don’t have the answer.


    • Hi Simon

      What i have understood from your modification post was that the increased power output is permanent which also makes sense from a technical standpoint as i have noticed when i opened the radio.
      The units sold here lately are switchable (presumably) between 4 (standard) and 20W (talkback mode which some users report as disabled).
      After the modification posted here, talkback works on mine so i am guessing they are doing something differently?
      Therefore it would be interesting to know if and how this is achievable on older (?) Barry models like ours.
      There is a certain amount of risk in using anything above 4W if someone happens to check your radio so it would be reassuring to be able to switch back to the safe 4W value 🙂

      All the best


    • Hi Radu,
      Now I understand you. Honestly I don’t know. My radio is either 4 or 15w and can’t change it via keypress or anything. The “switchable” later units I have not seen at all although some have written its switchable. The modifications I have are just for permanent high power mode.. I’ll try and ask around, your not the first to ask, and it’s not first time I can say I really don’t know 😕


  2. Sounds like a special mod done from somewhere too me?
    As talk-back flag would have to somehow switch that big 820 Ohm resistor in and out some how to enable Lo to HI setting?
    Im taking a stab in dark here Si with engineer hat on.
    Just a quick thinking thoughts out loud.
    Nothing definite

    a internal picture of PCB may shed some light if we can see any mods done on board esp round the resistor mod as per MOD sheet here..

    Unless theirs a hidden feature or custom firmware not aware of poss?



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