QSO National Channel 27

Below we’ve news of an event and I’m going to put the original text as hard to really understand what the Facebook translate is about. Thanks to Rob P whose sent me all initial information and then later I’ve found some news on the web. So below is the photo and all information which is via a translator program. So it’s from today till Sunday. Keeps listening and see what you can hear.

Friday 03 Saturday 04 21 pm Sunday 05 November 2017 10 pm National Channel 27.

I’ll be there, except Sunday morning. Good qso. 😉

The great national qso of channel 27 (27,275 Mhz) of Friday evening, Saturday evening & Sunday morning is at the initiative of the different regions to promote local qsos. In FM, am or USB & lsb depending on who is remote with a possible qsy depending on the surmodulation. All of us have to make calls on this channel. In am, Blu or fm and this from 21 pm (for Fridays and Saturdays). And from 10 pm to about 12 pm (for Sunday morning) 😉

Also present on the software: Java Log 11 M (http://14odr045.free.fr) on websdr 11 M: 14 Bn030 (QTH:14 dep. 30) and on: Websdr in Bordeaux: http://websdr.home.lepacha.eu <=

73’51 of dundee33 ~ 14 dr33 😉

For more info:



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