President Ronald 50w PEP

So guys this is the last update that I’ve got and then it’s wait till the radio arrives with you. Before the usual complainers write, and before the usual upset people get upset I receive literally a ton of emails a week asking for tips, hints, do you know this or that and I’m not answering the same message 11 times since last mention of the Ronald. This update concerns power, mike gain and echo! Then that’s it!

Electret or Dynamic

Yes I believe it has something that you can change like dYna or ELec this is due to the radio coming six Pin which equates to President electret microphone. And for users who will buy an adapter 6 Pin to 4 Pin you can change to dynamic.

Above, as it’s coming six Pin guess this is the wiring you asked about.

What I believe!

The radio will I guess have variable power (how? I don’t know) and will be maximum 13w AM which equates to 50w PEP. The FM Power will be in the area of 30-35 watts, also variable


125 W x 175 D x 45 cm


Yes it has echo and roger bleep. My guess one you can program like Lincoln II +

That’s it. Please check the websites, search engines that’s what I do.

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