Delta Romeo Extreme HB1

Today’s the day so get those radios tuned up and give a call for the members of the DR DX Extreme as they celebrate Happy Birthday 1. Passionate group and great to speak with. Summer 2017 I’ve been lucky enough to make some of the events and was great fun. So, get listening and below is the current information.

Frequency and Mode allocations for the DRX 1st Anniversary Special Activation 12/11/2017

26DRX111 Scott Clee Hill, Shropshire, England 1720ft ASL

27.255MHz USB ch23 Mid

26DRX1837 Stuart Beacon Hill, Hampshire, England 856ft ASL

27.285MHz USB ch28 Mid

14DR325 (Qualifier) Warren High Ground nr Cardaillac, SW France 2000ft ASl

27.545MHz USB ch11 High

26DRX520 Ryan Winterhill, Lancashire, England 1496ft ASL

27.395MHz USB ch39 Mid

68DR109 (Qualifier) Bob Slieve Croob, County Down, Northern Ireland 1760ft ASL

27.375MHz USB ch37 Mid

26DR1420 (Qualifier) Richard Rivey Hill, Cambridgeshire, England 330ft ASL

27.405MHz USB ch40 Mid

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