CRT 9900 V1/V2 Frequency Adjust

Something different again this time. During the last few weeks people have asked about the older versions of the 9900 and the “factory mode” or “god mode” the setting where you can enter and make a right mess of stuff. Below is a sheet that shows how it is done correctly the frequency adjustment on the V1 and V2 of the radio and also the correct export mode details as it appears some have even forgot how to do this also.

The top one being V2 where you need to press the button 3 seconds, and the bottom is the initial release version without the 3 second press needed.

Above is the way to set the frequency correctly. I know of people who try and set this with a Lincoln or another Superstar as the receive radio. Above is the correct alignment process so that’s how to do the job correctly.

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